Rav Avigdor Miller on Lessons From Russia



What can we learn from the situation in Poland where the Russians have declared martial law and the Poles are suffering?


What can we learn from the story of Poland?

First of all, we learn the hypocrisy of the nations, the sheker of the nations; asher pihem dibar shav, that their mouths speak falsehood.  We see that everything that Russia said about American imperialism, all of their complaints about American imperialism, is all lies. And bah zeh velimed al zeh – if they’re liars when it comes to that, you can be sure they’re lying about a lot more. Not only when it comes to imperialism; everything.  When Russia spoke about helping the poor, the working people; all the Marxism talk about helping the working class, the proletariat, it’s all lies. It’s only a grab for power.  There’s no idealism.  There never was any idealism.  The first Communists to seize power wanted to take power that the czar had so that they should have the power; and even though they spoke words of idealism, it was a sheker.

And you should know the same is for all the liberals.  All the liberals who are talking about compassion for the poor downtrodden murders who are killing people in the subways:  “We don’t want capital punishment.” “We want to give them beautiful prisons.” We can’t even say the word prisons today.  “Facilities,” we’re supposed to call them.  And they should have all kinds of color television and big grounds where they can walk around and even have their prostitute friends visit them; they want us to give them special rooms where they can entertain their friends.  That’s what they want.  Full facilities for criminals. They’re all about compassion. But we know that they’re all liars.  These people don’t care for humanity.  They have no compassion.  If they had compassion, they would have compassion on the innocent victims who are being murdered every day Hashem yeracheim.  Every day people are falling before the bullets and the knives of these murderers who are protected by the liberals, the ACLU and the other reshaim, the Jewish liberals who are protecting them.

And so ba zeh velimed al zeh; the fact that Russia now demonstrated they’re holding the Polish as prisoners – the Polish didn’t choose to live under such a regime; the Poles hate it; they’re prisoners – it shows that everything Russia says is lies. And so when Russia opens their big mouth and they shout at Begin, “Imperialist!” the whole world should take rotten eggs and throw them at the Russians.  The fact that the world doesn’t do it is because the world also is shakranim.  The liars sympathize with the liars.  They’re all liars.  They’re all imperialists.

Another thing we learn is that the Poles are only getting what they deserve to get. There’s no question about that.

It’s not enough yet. There are a lot of things to learn yet from that but for the time being we’re yotzei.

TAPE # 393 (December 1981)