Are all gittin wrong? Are there not many cases where the women are right in demanding a gett?


Why are there so many women demanding a gett, and not husbands? Husbands, very few. The answer is, you have to realize, I’ll tell you the truth – women are more excitable than men. Therefore, they get on the warpath and they’ll tell you for an hour about how wrong their husband is. Now, they don’t mention that they themselves have a weakness of losing themselves; of going into tantrums and shouting and making a big fuss. And they don’t want to forget anything he did. 

A normal old-time woman used to let it go by and afterwards her husband was more or less livable; they can live together. Nobody is perfect; the world is not made of perfect people but time will pass by and wounds will heal. Years will pass by and you’ll have nachas from your children; so don’t make such a big fuss. That’s what you’re doing today. They want to make a terrible fuss for small things, “It’s terrible what he did to me, the abuse!” What did he do to her? He was shouting at her. 

A man once hit his wife. To apologize, he bought her a small little gift, a box of candy. And she accepted it. The woman wrote me a letter telling me what happened. Now, why didn’t she take him to court? Why didn’t she call the police? Because she was a smart woman. She would take him to court, break up the marriage. But this was a wise woman; she took it, and it passed by. It’s a mistake that he made. It’s a big mistake, it’s a chet. But it doesn’t mean that the marriage is broken because of that.

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