What’s the purpose of the water that was found this week on Mars? 


It’s in order to mislead them into thinking that there’s some opportunity for life on Mars. Hakodosh Boruch Hu caused a little water to be there for that purpose. It doesn’t cause food, it doesn’t cause life, and they’ll never find any life there. They’ve been trying now for for years, combing Mars with special instruments, electronic instruments crawling across Mars and making recordings. Nothing doing.

So water was put there min hashamayim, even Mars was put there min hashamayim, in order to mislead them. Remember when they found a rock. “Oh, this rock came from Mars,” they said, “and it shows signs of ancient life.” Thousands of people stood in line to see that rock. And today nobody thinks about that rock anymore. Today it’s nothing at all. The whole thing was just a big empty dream.

Constantly they are coming up with new discoveries and it’s in all the newspapers, all the headlines. And after a little while, when it’s discovered to be false, everything is forgotten. They never admit it. They should come out with the headline: “Rock Now Discovered to be a Fraud.” But nothing, they don’t do that.

Once upon a time they said, “A great discovery we made about tonsils. We don’t need tonsils.” And all over America they were making tonsil operations. “It’s superfluous; it’s a vestigial organ left over from the evolutionary process, from a previous state. We don’t need tonsils anymore.” But now they discovered that tonsils are very important; they’re part of the lymph system. And so when the tonsils are inflamed, don’t blame the tonsils and cut them out. No, they’re doing their job of getting rid of some of the infections in the lymph system.

So now, do we find a headline any place, “We discovered that we made an error; tonsils are not a vestigial organ”? No, they don’t do that. So when they have a discovery where they want to make the whole world think that their theory is true, so they fill all the newspapers with it. But when they discover that it’s nothing at all, not one word is said about it. So you see it’s a world of sheker.

And therefore, if they found some proof of water on Mars, first of all it could be there was never any water there at all, could be. And if you would tell me that they did find water, so Hakodosh Boruch Hu maybe put some water there for the purpose of deceiving them into thinking that they might still find life on Mars.
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