What’s so bad about looking at girls?


Why look at girls?! It’s a waste of your time to look at girls. You want to look? Look at the seeds on the trees. Look at the maple seeds on the ground. Now, that’s something to look at! Girls are nothing. There’s nothing to see in girls. It’s only your imagination. And the way to get rid of your imagination, is to marry the girl. Marry the girl, and you won’t look at her in that way anymore. 

And that proves that it’s all imagination. It’s nothing at all. It’s just a דמיון – an imagination running wild. Rav Yisroel Salanter said that imagination is our greatest enemy. It makes us think of nothing like it’s something. But it’s nothing at all. 

And not only girls are nothing; boys are also nothing at all. Nobody is anything at all. Unless you recognize that they are a Jew, a צלם אלקים. That’s something else all together. Every Jew is an image of Hashem. Oh yes, that is very important. That’s how you should be looking at a Jew. But that’s not how you’re looking at the girls. And it’ll take you a long time to get there, when you’ll be able to look at a fellow Jew and see the צלם אלקים . So in the meantime, let your eyes look into the Chumash, into the Mishna, into the Gemara. That’s where your eyes should be. 
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