Are there any objections to frum Jews playing state lottery games? 


In Europe there were state lotteries, and it wasn’t considered wrong, even for frum Jews, to buy a lottery ticket. However, some Jews go overboard with it and that leads to trouble. It’s like drinking wine for kiddush. It’s a good thing, but drinking too much wine, or drinking all the time, that’s not so good.

What happens is that people start hanging around these places and putting all their money into it. You even have some fools who think they have perfected the system how to win; there are actually fools like that! I know all about it because I have to deal with them. I argued with one. His wife called me up, and she says that all their money is going down the drain in the lottery tickets. So I spoke to him and he told me he has a system! He’s following a system and he’s bound to win. Only that it didn’t come yet; it’s always right around the corner. A fool!
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