Rav Avigdor Miller on Loving All Jews

The Rav mentioned tonight that we are obligated to love all frum Jews as brothers, because Hashem loves them and we want to think along with Hashem. Should we consider the Modern Orthodox, those who are far away from the Torah ideals that the Rav constantly speaks about, as brothers as well?

Absolutely, the Modern Orthodox are our brothers. Absolutely! If a Jew is a שומר מצוות, he tries to keep the mitzvos, then even thought he doesn’t exactly do everything the way we do it, he’s still a brother. If he doesn’t do עבירות, if he’s a שומר מצוות, I don’t care what kind of yarmulke he wears. If he wears a knitted yarmulka or if he wears something else, he’s still my brother. A person who keeps טהרת המשפחה, family purity, he eats kosher, he sends his children to Yeshiva and not public school, he’s a shomer Shabbos, he has mezuzahs on his doors – a person like that is our brother, and don’t make any mistake about it.

Now, of course, that doesn’t mean that he has to be your brother and that you’ll move into the same house as him. It doesn’t mean that you should associate with him. That’s something else altogether. You only associate with the best ones because you want to be the best. But when you see him on the street, you have a mitzvah of ואהבת לרעך כמוך – you have a mitzvah to love him. Whenever you see a Jew with a yarmulka, make sure to bless him. Say ברכם טהרם רחמם צדקתך תמיד גמלם. “Hashem, please bless him with all good things.” That’s how to think about your fellow Jew. Always be friendly to your fellow Jew. Always try to help your fellow Jew. In your heart you should think, “He’s not a stranger to me, because he’s אחיך במצוות. He’s my brother as long as he keeps the מצוות.” And even though he follows a different Rebbi, or a different set of political objectives, nevertheless, don’t lose sight of the fact that fundamentally he belongs to your people and that therefore you’re מחויב, you’re obligated, to think well of him and to love him.

Once more, that doesn’t mean that you should send your children to the schools where his children go. And it doesn’t mean that you should follow the styles of dress that he follows. No, not at all. But you must have in mind that he is your brother and that you love him.

TAPE # 990