Should women travel long distances to go shopping in Manhattan in order to save a little bit of money?


Now, we have to know that women who go out on the search for the holy grail in Midtown New York – they’re seeking to buy a bargain – many times they are exposing themselves to perils.  It’s not so easy for a woman to be waltzing around in New York today. It’s not so simple. If you can avoid it, it pays even to shop locally and lose money. 

Now this has been said here again and again.  And things have happened unfortunately and people just close their eyes and say, “There was an accident.”  I don’t want to quote an example – it happened three years ago.  A woman went shopping, a young woman; she was pregnant and she was going downstairs in an elevator in that building.  They took her to a wholesale place where she gets special prices and a tragedy happened in the elevator.  And she ended up losing her life, unfortunately.

Now, Jews have to beware – Jewish women especially.  If you can keep out of Manhattan, do so.  Manhattan today is teeming with crooks and with perverts, and they’re experienced in performing crimes.  And therefore, stay away from Manhattan if it’s at all possible! If you have to go there to work, it can’t be helped, but try to shop in your neighborhood.

TAPE # 495 (February 1984)

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