How does one know when he comes across the right shidduch?


And the answer is, he will never realize because there is no one right shidduch. There are a thousand right shidduchim. If you are rich enough and Rabbeinu Gershon wasn’t born yet, you could marry a thousand women al pi Torah as long as you can support all of them. And nothing would be wrong; you could be madly in love with every one of them. And it’s not silly at all. Why shouldn’t you be? 

But since you can only choose one, so there is no such thing as the right one. You can say, when can I know I met one of the right ones? That, I’ve spoken about many times; I’m not going to go over it now because the most important thing is that you should be the right one. You make sure that you’re the right one and that’s how you’ll have a successful marriage. The one you married is one of your zivugim so you do the best you can with that one zivug and that’s your success in this world.
TAPE # 405

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