Is it right or wrong for us to participate in the Solidarity Day Parade for Saving Russian Jewry that will take place on Sunday? 


We should follow one rule. Whether something is right or wrong is not for us to decide. We are a nation that lives according to the gedolei Yisroel. We have great Torah leaders! Why is it that every Chaim Yankel thinks that he can make decisions for the Jewish nation?! Any boy! Any little yingel! We can’t allow that!

Therefore, if there would be a kol korei, a proclamation, signed by Rav Moshe Feinstein that said “Go to the Solidarity Day Parade,” then you don’t even need any reasons, you just go. But if his name is not signed there, or the Satmerer Rav’s name, or the Bobover Rav at least – somebody, something! Just because a district attorney signs there, you go and march in a parade of yingiluch?!

And therefore, we should do only what our Torah leaders tell us to do. I don’t care what kind of a day parade it is. If the the gedolim tell us to march out in the street for this and this purpose, then it’s your duty to do it. Otherwise, you stay at home.
TAPE # 69 (March 1975)

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