You mentioned tonight that it’s necessary for men l’hisrachek min hanashim, to keep away from women. So why should a person get married?  


The answer is nashim is plural – not ishah, singular. The one you marry is the one woman that maamar doesn’t apply to. If a man doesn’t get married then that man has no right to live. He has no right to live! הלא לא נברא העולם אלא בשביל פריה ורביה  The world was created only for having children.  It’s a remarkable statement!  No matter what good things you’re doing – you’re learning Torah, you’re building yeshivos –  if you’re not getting married to have children then Hakodosh Boruch Hu doesn’t want you around at all. Chizkiyah Hamelech!  Chizkiyah Hamelech spread Torah in the kingdom and he was so successful that when he sent commissions to examine the people throughout the land, from Dan ve’ad Be’er Sheva, they didn’t find anybody who was not baki behilchos tumah vetaharah.  He spread Torah everywhere! But because he hadn’t married so the navi came and said, הנך מת ולא תחיה – You are going to die and you won’t live. It means you’ll die early in this world and you won’t live in the next world either.  

And so those false tzaddikim who sit in batei medrashim and waste their lives – they don’t want to work, they don’t want to learn a parnasah and nobody will marry them.  They’re loafers.  Only they say toraso umnaso, the Torah is my profession. Loafing is his profession! And these people think that they’re going to get a reward for living in a way that is different from the way other people live?! They should know that they’re headed for Gehinom, absolutely. מת אתה ולא תחיה! Why didn’t you get married in this world?  Hashem gave you life, then you have to give life to others after you.

TAPE # 785

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