Rav Avigdor Miller on Marrying A Gi’yoris and Building the Am Yisroel

Based on what the Rav spoke about tonight, about how Avraham Avinu was careful to take a wife for יצחק only from his family and not from any of the converts he had made, would the Rav say that it’s proper to avoid being משדך with a גיורת?

Let me tell you something. To my knowledge, there have been sometimes cases of a גיורת who have produced the best families of תלמידי חכמים. Many fine, beautiful families began with a גיורת.

Only that Avraham Avinu, at that time, was concerned with the future of a nation that didn’t even exist yet. He was creating a new nation. And therefore, it was imperative that he choose the best mother possible, to be the mother of that entire family, of that entire nation.

But today, the nation exists already. The עם ישראל already exists and therefore it’s different. And רות is the model of a גיורת that produced one of the best. If not for רות, you wouldn’t have Tehillim and you wouldn’t have the בית המקדש. It was Dovid Ha’melech who was the one who made the plans for the בית המקדש. And if not for רות, you wouldn’t have Shlomo and you wouldn’t have Mishlei. So many of the wonders of our nation, Tehillim, Mishlei, Koheles, Shir Ha’shirim are all because of a גיורת. And many other achievements as well.

So today, there’s no problem with marrying a גיורת. And many times you’ll find that she was one of the best. The very best!

However, if there are plenty of other choices, and you can marry a girl who comes directly from Avraham Avinu, then naturally that’s first. That’s the first choice. But sometimes your best שידוך will be the גיורת who has chosen out of her own free will to join our People. And you’ll be successful raising a fine family with a wife who is a גיורת.
TAPE # E-165