What should I do if I know an irreligious Jew who is planning on marrying a shiksa?


If you can’t talk to him,  you should send him a letter.
You don’t have to sign a name. First of all, tell him that he’s committing suicide. That’s the first thing you tell him. It cost 32 cents, that’s all. An anyomous letter. You’d be surprised. And if he’s going to take a long time before he marries her, so get him a subscription to a frum English Jewish newspaper. Every week propogada will arrive at his house. Send him copies of my tapes that apply to a missionary (S-26, S-27). Look, sometimes they’re too dumb and it won’t help at all. But if it’s a person that’s been persuaded by missionaries, you can do that.

Or, you can tell him stories in your anomyous letter; the following stories, true stories. Here’s a man who married a shiksah and in the end she shot him with a revolver in his brain. She killed him with a revolver. That’s what happened eventually. That is the happy ending of marrying a shiksahShiksahs are violent. Marrying a shiksah is like your marrying a wolf. Here’s another man who married a shiksah and she poisoned him to death. Yes, a true story. And therefore we have to know that the end of this romance is going to be a disaster. Tell it to him, in writing, without signing your name.

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