Is it right for a ben-torah to look for a girl with money when looking for a shidduch?


And the answer is that if she has everything else, then why not? If you have two girls, one with money and one without, and both are the same, then naturally money is important. Why not? There’s nothing wrong with money. What?! Is having money a sin?! There’s nothing wrong with money.

But suppose you have a good girl, a girl without money. And the other one is is not a good girl but she has money. Then it’s stupid. Money means nothing when compared to character.

The question really is – how much should you be willing to surrender in good character for the expectation of money? I can not tell you that. That’s not so easy to judge. Sometimes, one is very good with no money at all and the other one is almost very good, with money. Then you’ll have to ask a talmid chochom what the hachra’ah should be and what should be done in your specific situation.
TAPE # E-212 (October 1999)

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