At what age should I try to marry off my children?


It depends on your environment but it’s a good idea not to wait too long. Especially with girls. Don’t wait with your girls a long time. A girl at eighteen – that’s the right time to marry her off. Already at nineteen she becomes too choosy. And at twenty, sometimes she can make it very difficult for you. Before they have too much independence, make sure to marry them off. She might complain a little, but you just tell her, “Look, you have to get married someday, so what’s the use waiting?!”

Marry her off at eighteen and she’ll be satisfied and they’ll live long and happy lives together. But if she waits till she’s twenty-one, twenty-two, twenty-three, then it’s, “I want this,” and “I want that,” and the years start going by and then you’ll be very sorry. So don’t wait with your daughters. If you have daughters, don’t wait. Don’t wait.
TAPE # E-179 (February 1999)

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