What do we say about the rifts on Mars?


This question reminds me of a question once asked by a timid little boy here; he thought he was going to turn the world upside down. And he said, “What do we answer to the question of the dinosaurs?!”

So I told him, “We don’t answer anything. What do you answer to the giraffes?”

What is the difference between a dinosaur and a zebra? There are plenty of animals that went extinct. So the dinosaurs also went extinct. 

“Oh, but the fossils; they’re so old!” 

Who said fossils are old? Don’t you know that we have found fossils of modern men, fossils as recent as 300 years old. I explained here already once that in the Museum of Natural History in London, you have a fossil of a Guadalupe Indian that’s no more than 300 years old. 

Fossils are not old; it’s only because evolutionists need great time periods – otherwise how could such a fantasy be realized that from an animal a man should develop; unless you have untold eons of times for it to happen. So since they needed so much time, so they manufactured a theory of time. But there isn’t the slightest indication anywhere that there was such time. 

And therefore in Noach’s time, before the Mabul, there certainly were dinosaurs and probably none of them survived the Mabul. And so a dinosaur is just as significant to us as the passenger pigeon which also went into extinction.

Now, what do we say to the rifts on Mars? What do you say to the rifts in the Sahara Desert? Whatever you’ll say there, you’ll say there. It could be that the rifts in the Sahara Desert were created in the beginning of the world – Hakodosh Boruch Hu didn’t make the world as smooth as a billiard ball; He certainly made the world with ups and downs, with hollows and with mountains and so on. It’s necessary for the control of climate and for various other reasons. So the same thing on Mars; Hakodosh Boruch Hu made rifts on Mars. 

And if you’ll say the rift in the Sahara Desert came after Creation by means of some upheaval – by the way there’s a big rift, a big mountain range from the Sahara Desert going up into Europe and some say it was the result of some upheaval. So there was an upheaval on Mars too. 

So what’s the problem? Just because someone says “Boo!” without any explanation at all, immediately the person who has no emunah is frightened out of his wits. Say “Boo!” back to him!

TAPE # 60 (April 1974)


Why were the dinosaurs and the mastodons not worthy to be saved from the Mabul? 


And the answer is because there was no place for them. The teivah was very big; big enough to accommodate all the species. But the huge species wouldn’t fit in. That’s the most simple explanation. You want a simple explanation? They couldn’t fit in.
TAPE # 490 (January 1984)

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