Is there a chiyuv to have a mechitzah at a wedding? I see sometimes Orthodox functions where the men and women are sitting together.


Now, I’m a very little person and that I should give halachic opinions is not my place.  But there’s no question that there should be an ideal that men and women should not sit together.  It certainly should be an ideal that everybody should strive to fulfill. And if you are the chosson or you are the kallah then you should make up at the very beginning that’s the kind of chasunah you want.

Now why certain functions don’t do that, this is not in my place to say because I don’t know what the circumstances are.  I think it’s best to ask the people concerned.  But there’s no question that the mixing is a problem. There’s no question about that, my friends, so why should we deceive ourselves.  Mixing men and women is no good; men are wonderful and women are wonderful but when they get together, they both become no good.  That’s the plain truth.  Even if they’ll get together, men and women, to study Zohar or to study Chovos Halevavos, in mixture it’s no good.  No matter what the purpose.

TAPE # 42 (January 1975)

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