What should have been the proper reaction of the Jews in Tel-Aviv to the missile attacks this week? 


They should have huddled in their rooms in fear of Hashem, no question about it. It was a time to make an accounting. When a scud missle fell on Tel-Aviv, so the mayor of Tel-Aviv should have thought about what he said in defiance of the Orthodox Jews. The Orthodox Jews wanted to make a law that all places of amusement should be closed on Shabbos. So the mayor of Tel-Aviv said, “Nothing doing! In Tel-Aviv, I’ll see to it that every Friday night all these places, the cafes and the theaters will be open all night long.” So when the scud fell on Tel-Aviv, he should have said, he should have announced, “I changed my mind.” Because that’s the purpose!

You think that’s the end? I’m telling you, it’s only the beginning. Saadam Hussein is only the first shot in the great battle against the evil that holds sway in Eretz Yisroel. It’s only the first shot! Hashem is not finished at all. Hakodosh Boruch Hu sent a warning. But for people who refuse to listen, He might have to send another one.
TAPE # 815 (March 1991)

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