What should a person think when he looks at the moon?


Let me explain something to you. You have to be trained how to look at the moon. The truth is you have to be trained how to look at anything in this world. 

If you understand that לעושה אורים גדולים כי לעולם חסדו, that the sun and the moon are a very great kindness, so that’s called training yourself how to look.  

Walk out in the afternoon and the sun is shining and learn how to appreciate it; your heart is full of happiness just because of the sun. Not because you’re going to the office right now to make a lot of money now.  The sun is shining! Like Rashi says in one place, צהרים שעת אורה וצהלה – noon is a time of light and happiness.  Practice that up in the afternoon and you’ll begin to understand that Hashem is making you happy.  לעושה אורים גדולים כי לעולם חסדו!  How great is His kindliness!  

But orim is plural – the luminaries; the sun and moon. When you look at the moon and you appreciate how beautiful the moon is and the great chesed it is; it’s a night lamp, it’s not too strong of a light otherwise you couldn’t sleep. It’s just right. You go to sleep at night and the moon doesn’t disturb you. 

And the moon has many other benefits.  The moon is a luach.  עשה ירח למועדים.  The moon is a Jewish calendar.  It tells you when rosh chodesh is. And from that you know all the moadim, all the holidays. It means that Hashem hung a Jewish calendar in the sky just for the Jewish people.  עשה ירח למועדים.  If you understand that properly, certainly you’ll love Hashem when you see the moon.

But if a cow looks at the moon, it’s not expected to have any kind of feelings at all.  And unfortunately most people look at the moon like cows.

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