Rav Avigdor Miller on Moshiach and Rain

Should we be storming the heavens about bi’as hamoshiach

Every day you should storm. את צמח דוד עבדך מהרה תצמיח, say it with a storm! You should also storm by ברך עלינו את השנה הזאת ואת כל מיני תבואתה לטובה. When you get to the words ותן טל ומטר you should storm. Storm by טל ומטר! Don’t just be yoitzei. What a miracle tal u’matar is! You think it just happens? Tal u’matar just happen?! It’s a neis, no less a neis than the mann.

If the mann had happened only once, ooh would that have been something. But because it happened for forty years they became accustomed to it and it stopped being a neis. You know when they came to Eretz Canaan and they saw food coming out of the ground, that was a neis. Food coming out of the ground?! “It’s a neis, food is coming out of the ground!” They thought food comes from the clouds. Because really it is all a neis; it’s only that habit makes you not notice.

So we have to storm the heavens for טל ומטר. And we have to storm for everything. You have to storm for רופא כל בשר ומפליא לעשות! You went to the bathroom? It’s a neis that you were able to go to the bathroom. Miracles are happening when you go to the bathroom! ומפליא לעשות – it’s all wonders what happens in the bathroom. Only that we’re all fast asleep. Our minds are מטומטם, they’re stupified by the gashmiyus, by the mechitza of chumriyos. So we have to storm, to fight back against the chumriyos, and we have to see the yad Hashem, the miracles of everything in this world. Certainly we have to storm about everything.
TAPE # 854