Rav Avigdor Miller on Movies in Camp 

Is it proper for a camp to show movies to the campers?

No, it’s not proper at all. The movies are written, planned and directed by people who are not fit to associate with at all. If you would see the people who write these scripts, you wouldn’t even want to talk to them.
It’s like the editorials in the newspapers. The people who write them are all bums today, all bums. Only that when you see it in print, it’s impressive. But if you would run into the writer on the street, you’d see right away that he’s a bum, a nothing.
TAPE # 918 (June 1993)
Is it permissible for a camp to show a movie that deals with the subject of murder? 

Certainly not. That’s included in the category of chevra ra’ah that the Mesillas Yesharim speaks about. Movies in general are made by wicked people who have no principles. And therefore, as much as possible, there should be no such thing in our lives.
TAPE # 921 (July 1993)