The Rav mentioned tonight that we are constantly being tested in this world by our environment. What would be the best plan for us to succeed in overcoming this test? 


First of all, the most important thing is that you must choose your environment. It’s of the utmost importance to live among frum Jews. If you want to be the best, you must live among the best!

It’s a very great error to move to the suburbs! Like one person who came here, and I said to her, “What about coming to live in Brooklyn?” So she said, “We want to get away from the ghetto.” And that’s a terrible sin against the Jewish people. We should seek to be as close as possible to our people. And instead, those who want to get away from the ghetto – that means from the Jewish people – are moving further and further away. And what that means is that they’re moving further and further away from Hashem. And closer and closer to gehenim

Some people even moved out to California to get away. And now, even that’s too close for them. So they’re moving into the Pacific Ocean, to the Phillipines. They’re running away from the best environment there is. 

So number one is, associate with frum people. That’s the very best way to overcome the tests of the environment. There are more ways that that, but that’s number one. 
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