Rav Avigdor Miller on My First Thoughts on Motzei Yom Kippur

What should we think about on מוצאי יום כיפור? 

On מוצאי יום כיפור the first thing is to say, “Hashem, how good it is to eat! It’s so much fun to eat!” And I’m serious. “Boruch Hashem, how good food is! How good a glass of water is!” All year long you forget about it, and that’s a pity. It’s a pity. Food is very good. Water is very good. So that’s the first lesson of מוצאי יום כיפור. And be sure not to lose that lesson. Ahh! Boruch Hashem for food! הזן את העולם כולו – You’re feeding the entire world!

And then you begin counting. After Yom Kippur you begin counting the days. Look, yesterday was Yom Kippur, and now it’s a different day. It’s not the tenth day of the month anymore. Now it’s eleven days since the year began. Eleven days! “Eleven days and I’m still alive! Oooh! Boruch Hashem! Boruch Hashem!” Do you ever think about that? Well, you better think so. And then the twelfth day. And the thirteenth day.

And so on מוצאי יום כיפור you have to think, “Boruch Hashem! I was able to live through Yom Kippur!” Boruch Hashem you’re still around.

And so the great service of appreciating what Hashem does for us is one of the very most important things you can do in this world. And it’s included in what we spoke about tonight (Tape # E-201), the avodah of הצנע לכת עם השם אלוקיך, walking secretly with Hashem.

TAPE # E-201 (September 1999)