What should a wife do if she finds out that her husband is a thief?


It depends on from whom he is stealing. If he is stealing from her, she should take her money and hide it in a sock and bury it behind the kitchen sugar box. And if your husband comes to these lectures or listens to the tapes, then you won’t be able to hide it there – you’ll have to think of a better place.

But if he’s stealing from his employer, then she has to tell him that it’s either or. He’s going to get in trouble and she’s not going to be responsible, so she should tell him that he has to stop or else. That’s how to talk to a husband who’s looking for trouble with the law – because anybody who tangles with the law is going to bring his family down in ruins. And that’s besides for being a bad example.

And that’s the time when even the most humble wife must speak up. She must acquire a stiff backbone, and a big mouth, and tell her husband that it’s either-or.
TAPE # 490 (January 1984)

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