What do you think about Lubavitchers?


Well, I must have a good opinion of them because one of my rebbis [Rav Avraham Eliyahu Axelrod z”l] was a Lubavitcher. They sent me to him when I was a poor boy and I was supposed to pay him. But we couldn’t afford it – I never gave him even a nickel. And anyhow he learned a whole year and a whole Mesichta Kesubos with me for nothing. Then we made a siyum in the Nusach Ari Shul in that city; a siyum – just he and I with the people of the shul at minyan

And so I look back with affection on him. He was my rebbi. He used to tell me stories because he was a real Lubavitcher. He came from Lubavitch; he learned in Lubavitch for sixteen years. 

So naturally I have an affection. But I’m not a Lubavitcher because it happens to be that I didn’t learn there. I have an affection, however, for all Jews who are shomrei mitzvos

That’s how we should be. So if you ask me my opinion of Satmarer, my opinion of Lakewood, my opinion is that halevai I should be zocheh to be with them. Yehi chelki imahem.

TAPE # 459 (June 1983)

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