A strong statement was put out from Rav Shach with regard to Lubavitch?  How should we treat this subject?


The question of Rav Shach and Lubavitch is a question that I am not going to talk about.  

I’ll explain something to you.  I’m not a Lubavitcher but when I was a boy there was a Lubavitcher rabbi who taught me Mesichta Kesubos in his home every day; the whole mesichta we learned and he didn’t take a nickel from me.  

He never attempted to convert me.  He never taught me Tanya.  He just taught me straight gemara. He was the rav of the nusach Ari shul in that town.  

And therefore I am friendly toward Lubavitch.  I have other friends in Lubavitch too.  It’s difficult for me to look askance at Lubavitch.

Now, I am not a Lubavitcher and I have a certain background where I feel that I don’t need Lubavitch.  However, to intervene in a dispute between a great man and between Lubavitch, tacharishu – the best thing is to remain quiet.

TAPE # 701

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