What do you think about naming a baby after a not frum relative?


Let’s say you have an uncle – he wasn’t a frum uncle – and his name was Nachman. So if you want to please your relatives, so you can call him Nachman. Why not? But you have in mind that you’re naming him after Rav Nachman in the gemara. Don’t think about this Uncle Nachman. There was a better Nachman that you should have in mind; the Rav Nachman who was a talmid of Shmuel. There was a Rav Nachman bar Yitzchok and a Rav Nachman bar Yaakov – there are plenty of good Nachmans in the world that you can have in mind.

So to please your relatives – especially if they’re rich relatives – so you call him Nachman. But you have in mind what you want to think about.
TAPE # E-12

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