Should one allow himself to absorb the apikorsus found in books about niflaos habriyah?


I’m not sure I understand this question but I suppose he means this:  If you’re going to read books about the wonders of nature, won’t we also find there statements that can mislead people to atheism and apikorsus?

And the answer is certainly you will. And I never said you should read those books.  But what I do say is that we have a tremendous textbook whose pages are open before our eyes – nature is apparent and obvious for anybody who is interested in seeing it.  יודוך השם כל מעשיך. Everything in this world is praising Hashem. There are so many things that are available every day in our lives that you don’t need any books.

However, if you’re going to be a teacher, you can read books if you’re capable of understanding the poison and omitting it, skipping over it.  But for ordinary people, these gentile books are not recommended.

TAPE # 492 (January 1984)