The Neturei Karta recently published an advertisement in the New York Times protesting against the State of Israel. Do you think it’s right to air our dirty laundry in public like that? 


This gentleman is asking me if the Neturei Karta did the right thing by advertising against the Zionists. Look, there’s no question that there is a necessity to clarify public opinion. The State of Israel today is headed by atheists, right? You don’t doubt that, do you? Who are the people who have power in the State of Israel? Atheists! Apikorsim are the ones in control!

Now, listen to me. Golda Meir was invited by President Nixon to a very big dinner at the White House. And they served there every kind of treifeh food. And as Golda Meir sat there, representing the State of Israel – she was the Prime Minister after all – she was fressing all the tarfus. And together with her, all the big people of the State of Israel were there. I don’t want to say that the Mizrachi were present; no, they wouldn’t eat tarfus. They do a lot of things, but that they wouldn’t do. But they had plenty of people who are more powerful than Mizrachi – Mizrachi is not powerful – I’m talking about the really powerful people in the State; and they were sitting there gorging themselves on kol minei tarfus. 

The State of Israel, you have to know, has more abortions than any country in the world – except for perhaps New York State today. New York State maybe has already topped the State of Israel in abortions per year. The State of Israel has no longer any proper censorship on the movies. And they are producing the very “finest” movies today – movies that can be accepted even in Scandinavia and other filthy countries in Europe.

So all over the world people are looking at the State of Israel and they’re thinking, “That’s the Jewish People!” Because these resha’im heading the State claim to speak for the Jewish People! Which means that the Jewish People are represented by atheists who do not believe in Hashem and who do not believe in the Bible. Because the Bible says that it’s forbidden to eat chazer; and Golda Meir ate chazer at President Nixon’s dinner.
So we have to speak up and tell the world that there is a Jewish religion and that these apikorsim don’t represent us. That’s all! There’s a Jewish religion and those who keep the Jewish religion do not approve of these people. And therefore there is a certain necessity for such an ad.
TAPE # 29 (May 1974)

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