Is there anything we have to learn from the recent murder of Rabbi Werzberger in Williamsburg?


When something happened so recently, it takes time to digest it and think it over. Certainly there is something to learn, but right now we have to suffice with the superficial aspects. First of all you should know what the gemara says: You shouldn’t go out yechidi balaila – you shouldn’t go out alone at night. It was nighttime when he went out; don’t go out alone at night. It’s a gemara; it’s common sense. And when you learn the gemara, it’s for the purpose of practicing it.

Getting up early in the morning is not advisable in any neighborhood unless you have somebody going with you. Unless it’s already light. Because nighttime is always a time for mazikim, for dangerous characters who are on the loose. Today especially.

That’s one thing you can learn. It may be that you think it’s superficial; I don’t think it’s unimportant though. I think it’s worth learning.

We must understand that when the gemara says good advice, we should take the good advice. אל יצא יחידי בלילה – Don’t go out at night alone. The gemara says, תכנס בכי טוב ויצא בכי טוב – Go in to your house when it’s still ki tov and don’t leave in the morning until it’s ki tov. Ki tov means the light – don’t go out until it’s light and come back home while there’s still light. Unless you’re not alone — otherwise follow the advice of the gemara.

I’m sure in the course of time we’ll learn some more things; but right now I’m not able to tell you more on such a recent event.
TAPE # 777 (April 1990)

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