But isn’t possible that the Gedolim who are advising us to support Nixon and be loyal to the President and his government, are misinformed?


Absolutely it could be possible. But it’s much more probable that others are misinformed, than that the Gedolim are misinformed.

A doctor could also be misinformed. The biggest specialist can make mistakes. And they do. But you’re still not going to just walk up to any boychik who passed through college and medical school – and maybe he failed and he was expelled, and then he finally just barely passed. No, you wouldn’t do that. You’ll try to go to the one who is most proficient in his science, because you want the most competent that you can find. And therefore, you have to know that in the science of understanding life, the sages of Torah are the ones most proficient and most competent.

TAPE # 44

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