Rav Avigdor Miller on Nixon vs. McGovern [and how Nothing Changes]

Why does the Rav keep telling us to vote for Nixon? What has he done for the Jews?

What Nixon did for the Jews, I have no idea. But what Nixon is not doing for the revolutionaries, that I can tell you. Nixon is not encouraging the radicals and the revolutionaries. That’s one thing – and that’s enough.

Let me give you a mashal. Suppose you see two candidates: One is being backed by, let’s say, all the Nazis. All the Nazis say to vote for this candidate. Now the other man does not have the endorsement of the Nazis. Are you going to ask, “What did this other candidate do for me?” No – you don’t ask any questions! If this candidate is being endorsed by the Nazis then the other candidate is the one.

And therefore, if McGovern is endorsed by all the revolutionaries, by all the hippies, by the scum of society, then the other one is the one. We cannot support the vandals and radicals who want to destroy America – who want to break down all the principles of morality.

And the ads that you see in the newspapers blaming Nixon for his appointment of conservative judges – it’s just the opposite. The judges that he’s appointing are good judges – they’re the good ones. All the judges that Nixon appointed to the Supreme Court are the ones we want. It’s only that when they put it into an advertisement and they write: Look what Nixon did. He appointed him and him and him. So even though you know nothing about it, right away you think it’s wicked. The foolish people are fooled by the power of the printed word.

Nixon is trying. Nebach, he’s trying hard to right America. I’m not saying he’s a tzadik. But he’s not what the other candidate is – and that’s enough. That’s enough of a reason to work on his behalf. Spend time on it. Call up your friends and get the votes out. Tell them to vote for Nixon. It’s a mitzvah – that’s what I say.
Look, nobody is paying me. I get no favors from him. He doesn’t even know about me. I’m just telling you the truth.