Rav Avigdor Miller on Ocean Parkway Exhibitions



There’s a new exhibition opening up at The American Museum of Natural History about fossils. Is it OK to go there? 


That exhibition is made solely for the purpose of propaganda. It’s all sheker v’kosov.


But doesn’t it bring out Hashem’s greatness in – 


It doesn’t bring out anything! I’ll tell you why. If it was made for that purpose, if they would let me make an exhibition, I could make an exhibition that would bring out the greatness of Hashem. But their exhibition is planned for propaganda. Don’t make any mistake about it. It’s planned to take innocent people and deceive them with false stories.

For instance, they’ll show you a skeleton of a little creature the size of a cat. Then they’ll show you right next to that another skeleton a little bigger than that, another skeleton, a little bit bigger, and finally a skeleton of a horse. And they say, “Look at the stages of the development of the horse.” That’s what they had in Yale, it was an exhibition in Yale, and it was used for years and years as a proof of the evolution of the horse. Today it’s forgotten already. Because, they admit it’s four different species with no connection to each other. The horse never came from those animals. This is a little cat. This is a fox. And therefore, by putting them in such a position, it’s made nothing but for the purpose of propaganda to deceive the people.

That’s why I say keep away from such exhibitions. That’s my advice. If you want an exhibition, walk in the street and look at the tress. There’s an exhibition that Hakadosh Baruch Hu is showing you. Look at the fact that every leaf of the millions of leaves on Ocean Parkway, every leaf has two sides; a dark green side where there’s a lot of chlorophyll and a light green side where there’s not much chlorophyll. And in every case the light green side is turned away from the sun and the dark green side faces the sun! Millions and millions of leaves! How did that accident happen? Because chlorophyll needs the sun and that’s why the dark green side faces the sun. So it’s an exhibition of Hakadosh Baruch Hu right here on Ocean Parkway, and you want to run to the exhibition of the apikorsim in Manhattan?!
TAPE # E-13 (June 1995)