Is it proper for a boy to perform in a concert?


It depends what kind of concert. If it’s a concert that’s held, let’s say, in the yeshiva for yeshiva men, so on certain occassions, yes, it’s proper. On Purim certainly; on some other occasions as well. But as far as a concert that is done for the public, I’m going to reserve my opinion. Because sometimes the atmosphere at these so called Orthodox concerts is not what it should be. There is a lot of mixing, and leitzanus, and it looks a good deal like a rock and roll gathering. And therefore, it’s not in the spirit of the Torah to come together just to hear singing, just to hear singing alone.

I wouldn’t say it’s forbidden; I’m not going to disapprove of it, but it’s not the derech of the Am Hashem to come together to hear singing. When people are performing mitzvos and they sing while doing the mitzvos that’s a different story –  it’s avodas Hashem. They sing shabbos zemiros, they sing at the simchas beis hashoeiva, or simchas yom tov – that’s a different thing. But to come together in a hall specially for singing, that’s not the Jewish method of doing things. It’s an imitation of the umos ha’olam and therefore I’m not so enthusiastic about it.
TAPE # 910 (March 1993)

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