The Rav taught us the principle of הרואה שיסורים באים עליו יפשפש במעשיו – that when we see that troubles are coming upon us we should search out our ways and do teshuva. But how should we react when we see troubles come upon others?


If we see yissurim come upon somebody else, what should be our reaction?

Our reaction is multiple. Number one is to thank Hakodosh Boruch Hu that it didn’t happen to us. As always hear from me, if you see somebody who is blind then you should understand how fortunate you are that you can say פוקח עוורים in the morning. Seeing is a pleasurable experience and if you pass by a blind person you should make sure to experience that pleasure even more deeply and thank Hakodosh Boruch Hu for that. Anybody who has some misfortune should be a spur to you to thank Hakodosh Boruch Hu more and more.

Secondly, it should spur people to become better. Because why should you wait chas v’sholom that it should come to you? So from somebody else’s misfortune you surely should become better. You see what Hakodosh Boruch Hu could do to a person and that spurs you to do teshuva.

There are more ways than that to react to other’s misfortunes but for now I told you two things. I’ll repeat them. One way is to be more grateful that you have been spared. And you have to express it lavishly and generously to Hakodosh Boruch Hu . And the second is to repent while there is yet time because it’s a message to you. It’s a message to you: “Look what can happen, so hurry up and repent so that it should never be your lot.”

TAPE # 300  

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