What is something we can think about while we’re busy with the preparations for Pesach?


One thing you can spend time on is appreciating that the Am Yisroel are tzmaim l’avodas yotzrom — they’re thirsty for mitzvos. Poshuteh Jews are keeping the Torah with all their hearts. Men and women boys and girls are getting ready for Pesach and it’s not easy work but they’re doing it anyhow. 

Some people want to dodge their work for Pesach – they want to go to a hotel.  But those who are thirsty for mitzvos don’t dodge work.  They want to work because it’s a mitzvah. It’s shver, it’s not easy – heint it’s doubly shver becauseerev Pesach is Shabbos but they’re happy to do it.  They’re not going to dodge their responsibilities.  Taking things in and out; bringing in the  Pesachdige keilim, taking out the chametz – all kind of preparations.  

Now, I’m not interested in changing the curtains.  Changing the curtains is not necessary.  You want to make a spring house cleaning, you want to change the curtains, I’m moichel that.  But to prepare for Pesach – it’s a very great mitzvah!  And many, many, very poshuteh people are laboring to prepare for Pesach!  You have to appreciate them.  They’re tzmaim, they’re thirsty for avodas yotzrom. We’re accustomed to seeing it and so we don’t appreciate it but now is a good time to think about it.

We should train ourselves to see the greatness of the Am Yisroel, how much people are willing to do in order to carry out the pratim of the mitzvos.  And it’s a very important shleimus to appreciate that. No matter how great you are in avodas Hashem, how great you are in knowledge of Torah, you must add this information, this appreciation of the Am Yisroel to your personality.
TAPE # E-270 (April 2001)

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