Rav Avigdor Miller on Pity on the Wicked


If Hashem is a rachum v’chanun so why are the sinners suffering? And shouldn’t we have pity on the sinners who are suffering?

The answer is heitivu Hashem latovim. We say: “Hashem, do good to the good people.” The world was made for good people. So  Hashem will not do good to the resha’im unless it is a benefit for the good people. Now to be successful – to acquire da’as – the good people have to see, they have to know, that Hashem does justice. And there is no such thing as justice if the resha’im will be exonerated for their sins and given peace from their punishment. So for the benefit of the good, Hashem punishes the wicked. And that’s called rachamim. Yes, it’s rachamim for the righteous! Make no mistake about that.

The problem is that we are learning from the outside world, from the newspapers, to be liberal and kindhearted to the resha’im. No! לא תחוס עיניך – “Your eyes should have no pity on the wicked.” And Hashem is the One who shows us – if not here, then in the Next World – that there is no such thing as pity on the resha’im. If you want pity from Hashem, then you must use your free-will in this world. Don’t wait for the Next World because it’ll be too late then. The time to gain pity is in this world while you are alive. And pity is not for the resha’im
TAPE E-268 (March 2001)