The Rav spoke tonight about how a mother can use her instinctive love for her children to make progress in learning to love all Jews. But what should I do if I don’t have children?


And the answer is that if you’re too old to get married and have children, or if you’re married and you can’t have children, then that’s a different story. You’re going to have skip over the first step we spoke about tonight, and you’re going to have to get busy working on loving your fellow Jew anyhow. You can do it anyhow. There are plenty of good people who have no children, who are busy doing great deeds of גמילות חסדים for their fellow Jews.

So many of our fellow Jews need help. There are elderly people and poor people and ill people who need help. So adopt them as your family and get busy working on becoming an איש חסד. Adopt all the frum Jews as your family and try to help them in every way. And that’s instead of the children. Of course with your own children it’s easier, because it comes naturally. But it’s no answer, it’s no excuse, to say that you didn’t have children to practice on. It won’t be a good תרוץ. A wise person will be able to find all the opportunities needed to grow in service of Hashem. There won’t be any excuse.

TAPE # E-236

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