Rav Avigdor Miller on President Nixon – He’s No Tzadik But He’s Our Man

The Rav spoke tonight about Yeravam ben Nevat and his protest against what he felt was the opening for bad that Shlomo Ha’melech made? Would you care to compare any of these figures to President Nixon?

Now, that’s a very big compliment to President Nixon. Believe me my friends, as much as the Orthodox position is of supporting President Nixon, I would never say that he comes anywhere near Yeravam ben Nevat in righteousness. And truthfully, none of us do. President Nixon is not a tzadik and he’s not what we call an איש תם. And he’s not what we would call an איש ישר. We wouldn’t say that about him at all. We wouldn’t say that about anybody like him. Not at all. But he’s the President and he’s doing a lot of good things for the country.

And who is going to dig now into his private affairs to find out if he used up too much of public money for his private summer or winter home?! That’s as silly as could be. Which President didn’t have a luxurious home? Which President didn’t do certain things? And therefore we have to realize that this current attitude is nothing but a reflection of American vandalism. It’s nothing but the desire to tear down authority. As it was explained last week, the Democrats are trying to recoup their great loss that they suffered. And the liberals are just trying to burn down another American institution. They aren’t just trying to destroy Nixon. No, no. They’re trying to destroy what America stands for.

TAPE # 45