Rav Avigdor Miller on Princess Di and Kedoshim Ti’hiyu

What should our attitude be towards the death of Princess Di?

It is so important to think by and live according to the Torah’s sechel. The Torah says that immorality is filthy. Immorality smells bad. But the world makes out of immorality a beautiful thing. When Princess Di was traveling in her taxi with her paramour – an Arab – and it was a filthy and illegal relationship and then the taxi was smashed and they were both killed in the crash. So what?! So she got what she deserved, that’s all! If you kill a cockroach do you make a hesped on the cockroach? But what happened? All the newspapers came out with articles of sympathy. They said she was a kadosh. So she was a kadosh now. She got smicha from the New York Times. All the newspapers worshipped her. The world worshipped her. In England they came – everyone came and put wreaths on her grave. Wreaths?! And they said that she was mamash a kadosh.

The whole world became crazy. This immoral woman became sacred in their eyes.

But the world is wicked. The world is stupid. The world has created artificial ideas of wickedness and goodness. It’s only by accepting the honest truth of the Torah that one can know how to think. The Torah says it’s filth. It’s shmutz. It’s zimah. Hakodosh Boruch Hu is saying it’s zimah, so we hate it.

Therefore, the world should have understood. But, of course, the world doesn’t understand anything. We understand! Why? Because we think along with Hashem so we look down at and despise the ideas accepted by the outside world.

The Jewish People despise the ideas of the world. We have completely different attitudes. We have attitudes of purity of mind. We have Hakodosh Boruch Hu’s laws. And the Torah is kedusha. “Kedoshim Ti’hiyu,” says Hashem. “Think like I think”, says Hashem. That’s the avodah – to make yourselves kadosh by thinking the thoughts of Hashem.

TAPE #E-246