The Rav has written many seforim in English. But hundreds of people are waiting for lashon kodesh. Why should we lose out? 


And the answer is this. I don’t take money from people to help me print my books. If you see a dedication in the book, that’s going to the yeshiva, not me. I don’t take any money. I don’t do this for money. But I have to pay to print the books. How am I supposed to get my money back? I can’t sell lashon kodeshbooks. Nobody will buy them from me. With English books, I get my money back. That’s all. Very simple.

A man in Eretz Yisroel said he’ll print my book in lashon kodesh. I let him print it and he’s selling it himself. He printed one sefer in lashon kodesh by himself and he’s selling it himself. All right; it didn’t cost me any money and I make no money. Very good. They printed one book in Russian. All right. And they printed another book in Spanish. All right.  I’m satisfied. But I should print it in Spanish?! I couldn’t sell it. I can’t waste my money.

TAPE #E-213 (November 1999)

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