Rav Avigdor Miller on Printing My Books in Spanish



The Rav has written many seforim in English. But hundreds of people are waiting for lashon kodesh. Why should we lose out? 


And the answer is this. I don’t take money from people to help me print my books. If you see a dedication in the book, that’s going to the yeshiva, not me. I don’t take any money. I don’t do this for money. But I have to pay to print the books. How am I supposed to get my money back? I can’t sell lashon kodeshbooks. Nobody will buy them from me. With English books, I get my money back. That’s all. Very simple.

A man in Eretz Yisroel said he’ll print my book in lashon kodesh. I let him print it and he’s selling it himself. He printed one sefer in lashon kodesh by himself and he’s selling it himself. All right; it didn’t cost me any money and I make no money. Very good. They printed one book in Russian. All right. And they printed another book in Spanish. All right.  I’m satisfied. But I should print it in Spanish?! I couldn’t sell it. I can’t waste my money.

TAPE #E-213 (November 1999)