How can we prove that Hashem rules the world? Maybe He created it and let it run on its own in a natural way?


That’s a good question. And the answer is that a Hakodosh Boruch Hu who is capable of creating such a great universe – I’m not talking merely about size, but such a complicated universe – has thereby demonstrated that He is infinite because the wisdom that we see is infinite.

Of course the word infinite is a hard word to use but as far as we are concerned the wisdom of the universe is infinite. If you pick up any work on science, any recent work, you’ll see that the cell is being examined and more and more discoveries are being made – and each discovery involves the opening of new horizons.  That’s a fact.  The more they discover, the more they realize that there is even more wisdom beyond the horizon. And what we see is so complicated and so purposeful that as far as we’re concerned, Hakodosh Boruch Hu’s wisdom is infinite.  And therefore, a Being of infinite wisdom would certainly not create a world, a universe, on which He showered so much wisdom and then decide to forget about it and let it go into chaos.  

And therefore it’s one of the fundamentals of common sense that the world which was created with infinite wisdom is being conducted with the same infinite wisdom.

TAPE # 106

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