Rav Avigdor Miller on Protesting Against the Medina

Should we go to the protest against the Medinah that is being planned for this coming Sunday in Manhattan? 

If you’re able to go, I think you should go. I believe it’s on Ta’anis Esther, and I think you should go. It will be a protest against the wicked judges of the Supreme Court who are prejudiced against the frum Jews and would like to force the Yeshiva people to have to go into the army. And they have said that even if the Knesses would vote against such a decision, it would be unconstitutional. They don’t have an actual constitution but they say that it’s a davar pashut that everyone must fight in the army. What they want, is to break down the status quo that has existed since the beginning of the State of Israel which freed a yeshiva bochur from army service. And we have to protest against that with all our koi’ach. And Hakodosh Boruch Hu should be meifir atzas resha’im. Yi’hee ratzon milfanecha Ribono Shel Olam that you should frustrate the attempts of these resha’im.

And another thing that these resha’im are doing is that they are yielding to the pressure and money of the reformers. The reformers are sending huge funds into Eretz Yisroel and they are trying to push reformers into the religious councils. In every neighborhood there is a religious council that supervises certain religious matters of obligation – kashrus, marriage, divorce and so on. They want to put reformers and reform women there. Which really means that they want to break it down entirely and make it a hefker-velt. They want that the goyim who are married to Jews should be automatically registered as Jews. That’s what the reformers themselves say. And patrilineal descent, they want. Even though the mother is a gentile, they want the child to be a Jew because the father is a Jew. That’s against the halacha.

And so, the reformers want to make goyim into full-fledged Jews in Eretz Yisroel. So we are suffering from them terribly. It’s a great sakanah. The Supreme Court today is on the front lines of our enemies. And they’re firing at us. They are the worst enemies of all. And Hakodosh Boruch Hu should be si’aker u’si’shaber u’si’mager – He should destroy these resha’im as quickly as possible. 

Say, “Amen.”
(The Rav paused and the tzibbur was quiet.)
Say, “Amen!”
(The tzibbur answered “Amen.”)

 TAPE #E-178