Rav Avigdor Miller on Psychological Help for the Sinner

Why is death prescribed as the Torah’s punishment for a נביא שקר, a false prophet? Shouldn’t we just help him seek mental health guidance?

So a נביא שקר  we should send to a psychologist and they’ll discuss his issues?! No, no. Often it’s the psychologists themselves who deserve to be sentenced for the damage they cause. Unless it’s a frum Jew and he’s trying to make a פרנסה. Then you can go and give him a chance to collect some money from the insurance companies and the government.

In תורה, you have to know that there are no bluffs. Rehabilitation of a criminal, when the תורה  says that he deserves to be killed, is just a bluff. Help that is offered to criminals instead of giving them what they deserve is just a ploy. It’s a trick, a ruse, to avoid the punishment that they deserve to get.

Like a wise man once said, “The best assurance that the criminal won’t kill again, the best rehabilitation, is the electric chair.” You know, that when you put him to death, then you can be sure he won’t do it again.

The death penalty is a tremendous gift that Hashem has given to mankind. That we have the right to kill people who do certain terrible things is a gift from Hashem. And by not utilizing that, we are the criminals. We are sinning against mankind and against Hashem.

It says, שופך דם האדם – if you shed the blood of a man, then באדם דמו ישפך – by man his blood should be shed. By man! People should shed his blood. It’s a חיוב. And I’m not talking about only among Jews. For the בני נח. It’s a חיוב  for the בני נח  to kill murderers. And when they don’t, they are sinning against the law of the תורה that says openly that בני נח  must fulfill the death penalty for murderers. And if they don’t do that, then they are sinning and they deserve a great punishment for ignoring the word of Hashem.

TAPE #E-191