How do I utilize drinking עד דלא ידע in order to serve Hashem?


עד דלא ידע בין ארור המן לברוך מרדכי. I’ll tell you one peirush. It means עד ולא עד בכלל – You drink up to the point of losing your da’as. You drink just enough – but not enough to lose your da’as. You have to have more da’as on Purim, not less.

Now, a little bit of da’as can be gained by drinking. It’s like an airplane that needs high octane gas to get up in the air. A little bit of alcohol helps your spirit go higher; a little bit of mashkeh, yes. But too much alcohol will sink you. There’s no use in falling asleep in the middle of Purim like a drunken goy and then they have to call Hatzalah. On Purim you should be gaining da’as and if you utilize the day properly, that’s what it will be – a day of da’as. But you won’t gain any da’as lying on the floor waiting for Hatzalah to come.

TAPE # E-225 (March 2000)

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