How much force should one apply when pushing a shidduch? What is considered too much pushing?


And the answer is that you do whatever is necessary, על פי אמת. You shouldn’t use any deception. No, you can’t do that. But suppose it’s a truthful statement. Suppose she’s a very good girl. Or he’s a very good boy. Then you should not spare any words. If you’re being truthful then press it as far as you can. It’s a benefit to that person, so press it as far as you can.

But, if you’re going to use, let’s say, deception merely because you want to succeed in making a שידוך, no, no. You can’t do that. You have to watch out. That’s already a dangerous thing to do. But if you know that it’s absolutely a very good בחור  or a very good girl, then don’t spare any effort. It’s a מצוה  to be a good שליח  for הקדוש ברוך הוא.  

                                                    TAPE #E-176

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