How could yeshivos nowadays improve their standards in order to match the fire of עבודת השם that was present in the yeshivos of Europe before the war? 


The spirit of Mussar is waiting. It’s needed in America more than ever before, in order to awaken the greatness that is laying dormant in the Jewish people.

You must know, young men and women today are thirsty. Not only for Gemara. Of course, the men want Gemara, they want lomdus. But everyone is searching for the message that will translate the lomdus into thoughts and actions, into feelings and emotions of service of Hashem. Everyone can achieve greatness in service of Hashem, and people are thirsting for it. But you have to know what to do, what to think. That’s why you have to come to these lectures. Not only here. There are a lot of better places than here.

There is a thirst for true עבודת השם in this generation. But we need guidance. And therefore, it’s of the greatest importance today, that people should have the foresight to revive the spirit of mussar in the yeshivos.

TAPE # 537 (February 1985)

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