Is it an aveirah to speed through a red light? 


The answer is that it’s a very big sin – one of the biggest sins. First of all, you’re endangering your life. And a person who endangers his life should know that even though Hakodosh Boruch Hu has saved that man’s life, He will be collecting that man’s mitzvos from him. It will cost that individual many years of tefillin! Many years of tefillin! Many years of kriyas shema! מנכין לו מזכויותיו – Hashem deducts from a man’s mitzvos when He saves him from a dangerous situation that he had put himself into. You’ll find out that making that red light wasn’t worth it at all.

In addition to that, you have put other people in danger as well which is a very severe crime. It’s considered as if you are a shoifech damim, even if you didn’t kill anybody. Because you put yourself in a situation where you could have killed someone, you’re considered a shoifech damim – potentially. And that’s a tremendous sin. You must understand that. Just because nothing happened doesn’t mean that you’re not guilty. People who are reckless in their driving are doing something that is opposite from the will of Hashem and they are asidin li’tein es hadin; sooner or later they will be punished.

TAPE # E-180 (April 2000)

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