What do you say about this subject of mixing religion into politics? It’s an accusation lately brought up against Reagan that he’s mixing religion and politics too much?


And our answer is that we want mixing of religion and politics because everybody is doing it. If Governor Cuomo went and attended a gay banquet to raise money for the Gays for Political Action, isn’t that mixing religion and politics?! Of course it is. That’s his religion. What else is it if not politics? Is it public welfare? Is it a benefit for the youth? Is it to make more money for the government? No; it’s a religion.

So just as the liberals have their religion of atheism, a religion of hedonism, a religion of corruption and pornography and breaking down all the values of civilization, so why shouldn’t the President also have religion?

On the contrary, if we see the President speaking about religion, so we might suspect him that he’s trying to get the votes of religious people. And if that’s the case, then he’s getting our votes. Everybody should vote for President Reagan, there’s no question about it. If you didn’t register yet, then this coming Tuesday, the ninth of October is registration day. So go and register, from nine in the morning to nine at night. Find out where in your neighborhood. In this neighborhood it’s on East 8th Street, at the public school. Go register and make it your business to vote.

We need your vote; it’s a mitzvah rabba to vote. That’s also one of the things that I say will rise up against a man on the day of judgment. You mean to say you’re going to be lax in this great battle against the forces of evil that are trying to overthrow our civilization? Everybody should vote. I registered already. Everybody should register. It’s your business to register.

We want religion in politics. We want Presidents who believe in a Creator. We want Presidents who believe in values of morality and decency. That’s the only foundation of our society. And therefore, our answer is, if a President speaks religion and makes public pronouncements about it, then he is the man we’re going to vote for.

TAPE # 524 (October 1984)

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