Rav Avigdor Miller on Resha’im and Mad Dogs

The Rav said that everything we see in this world can be used to think thoughts of Hashem. What should I feel when I see a leader of the Reform Movement or another rasha like that? What should my thoughts be?

What should you feel when you see, let’s say, a dog that wants to bite you? You don’t ask questions!  You run away. You run as far and as fast as you have to, to avoid the danger. You don’t want to get bitten and poisoned from a mad dog.

And this is no different. Actually it’s worse. Keep far away from resha’im and that’s all. A person should take that opportunity to think about the dangers of being close to resha’im. There’s no bigger danger than filling your mind with wrong ideas. Ashrei ha’ish who has no business with resha’im. You should not associate with them at all! Any organization that they belong to, you make sure that you don’t belong to that organization. “Harchek mai’aleha di’rachecha.” Shlomo Ha’Melech said, “Keep your feet far away from even coming close to them.”

And that’s a very important lesson for us. Make sure to come close only to tzadikim and make sure to be together all the time with tzadikim. Ashrei ha’ish who walks in the derech Hashem and whose mind is devoted to the service of Hashem all the time. And that man is going to succeed at the purpose for which he was created.

TAPE #E-192