Is the recent rise in anti-semitism something to worry about?


Absolutely! How could we not worry about it? But we have to know that there is a fundamental reason why it’s happening. It’s because Hashem is worried about us. ויט ישראל מעליו – Yisroel has to turn away from Eisav. We’re too much involved in gentile ideas, and it’s necessary to erect a wall. And that wall is anti-semitism. Always it happens, again and again in history – when Jews start getting lost among gentiles then it’s time for the gentiles to begin building a wall to prevent that.

And the first reaction to anti-semitism has to be not to contribute to the Simon Wiesenthal Center or other organizations that combat anti-semitism. No, no! In most cases those organizations cause anti-semitism. The way to combat anti-semitism is to build more yeshivos where children will be taken in for less schar limud; tuition should be be made very low. The yeshivos should be so prosperous that they should be able to afford to take in children almost for nothing. That’s the ideal. And so, the Jewish child, sitting in the yeshiva, will be the one who is fighting against anti-semitism in the most efficient manner.

TAPE # 592 (April 1986)

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